Chicago carjacking victims off the hook for towing fees thanks to Aquino’s efforts


Aquino: “Car hijacking victims should not be revictimized with traffic violations while their vehicle was stolen”

SPRINGFIELD – To prevent victims of carjackings from being revictimized, State Senator Omar Aquino (D-Chicago) passed legislation to protect victims of carjackings and theft from violations committed with their stolen vehicles.

“Imagine you are a carjacking victim, and then you receive a bill that says you owe money for a red-light ticket or speeding camera. This measure makes sure we are not traumatizing victims even more with fees or fines accumulated after a carjacking,” Aquino said. “These penalties, including any administrative fees for processing an impounded car, towing and storage, will be waived by municipalities.”

House Bill 3772 provides relief to the victims of carjacking by ensuring that they are not liable for traffic violations, fees, fines, or other penalties during the period the vehicle was stolen or hijacked. Carjacking is an increasing problem for drivers in Illinois, with over 1,800 carjackings being reported in Chicago last year.

The legislation is part of a broader strategy introduced by the Senate Democrats to improve public safety and combat the root causes of violence. The plan includes investments to provide the tools and technology for law enforcement officials to track and retrieve stolen vehicles. Also, it is paired with investments under the Community Investment and Community Involvement plans that will provide benefits like after-school programs, and a witness protection program, among other programs to deter violence and promote community building.

House Bill 3772 passed the Illinois Senate and will be referred to the House of Representatives for consideration.