Aquino response to Trump statement


“In yet another ignorant and divisive statement, President Donald Trump blamed immigrants for Chicago’s violence. He failed to support this claim with any kind of data, just as he has failed to do anything to help our city. He continues to use Chicago as a political prop, as he has been doing since he began his campaign. President Trump has publicly mentioned Chicago more times than he has mentioned any other city, almost always focusing on the negative and attempting to stir up division.

“As an elected official who was born and raised in Chicago, I know just how inaccurate and out of line the president’s words are. I represent a wonderfully diverse district made up of immigrant families, both documented and undocumented, that have come to Chicago from all over the world. To blame them for such a complex problem is not only untrue; it is immoral and dangerous. I condemn the president’s divisiveness and scapegoating and I will proudly continue to serve all of my constituents, regardless of national origin.”